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At Luxus, we are homeowners too.​

We believe that everyone deserves access to the finest digital lock products and installation service in Singapore without the dreaded markups or having to wonder if the installation is done professionally and will cause any potential problems to your door in future.

Or maybe it’s just the simple hope that when you reach out to us for advice on the most suitable lock for your needs, we’ll never upsell or hard sell. (Because we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a salesperson who just can’t back off…)

That’s why we pride ourselves on retailing only outstanding products that have exceeded our personal expectations on performance and quality. We source regionally for the finest products at the most competitive prices, and we pass on the result of our hard work to you (check out our faq on how we keep prices competitive!). This is how you know that every Luxus product that makes it into your home is curated, installed, and checked personally by our specialized team.

The Luxus Promise stands for our uncompromised commitment to integrity, product value and peace of mind. No inflated promises, and dependable after-sales support, always.

A Smarter Way To Lock Your Door

✔ Get a smart digital lock for a smarter, safer home.
With us we help you to unlocks the potential of a connected home by giving homeowners greater control and security.

✔ Digital locks are set to revolutionize the way we protect our homes and businesses.
They won’t just make your home more secure, they’ll also give you peace of mind when you’re away.

Digital door lock on wooden door

The Lock ThatCan See & Hear.

Man use of fingerprint door lock

Unlock your doorwith your finger!

Unlock Your DoorWith Your Finger!

Man use of fingerprint door lock

Why Choose A Smart Digital Lock?

Security, Reliability, and Efficiency

Stay Safe Wherever You Go

Making Life Easier For All Homeowners

How To Get Started?

Take A Picture

Snap a picture of your door, select the products that fit your security needs and send back to us.

$100 Only Deposit

Drop deposit as low as $100 to complete your order and kick start the installation!

Schedule an Appointment

Find a date which you are convenient and schedule an appointment with us for the installation.

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