What considerations are there when choosing a digital lock? How advanced is the technology? What are the benefits of using digital locks? What are the security risks?

The smart lock market has seen an explosion in recent years, with more options than ever available to consumers. So, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right choice by investing in one of these products. Especially since many models offer unique benefits and challenges which aren’t necessarily reflected in their price tags.

Are digital locks better than traditional locks?

If you ask any security expert, they’ll tell you that it’s best to use both digital and traditional locks to protect your home. It’s easy for someone with nefarious intent to remove a digital lock — or even hack into one! So, having a backup plan like an old-fashioned keyed lock can help reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

(Both Samsung locks and Luxus locks have hacking prevention technology, however nothing that is connected to the Internet is 100% hack-proof)

Some believe that digital locks are always better; after all, who wants to fumble around looking for keys? But remember: there are pros and cons with any system. For example, if your smart device runs out of battery power, it might be difficult (or impossible) for you to get into your home. 

(Both Samsung locks and Luxus locks have an emergency battery supply that can be activated when the battery runs out)

Additionally, some older people prefer physical keys over technology due to their familiarity with a keyed entry. There are many factors at play when choosing which type of lock will work best for you. So have a think about how often you need access to your home, where your front door is located on your property and whether you need additional locks installed elsewhere.

What makes sense for one person may not make sense for another person living under different circumstances. It’s really up to each homeowner to decide what works best based on their own unique situation and preferences. And please keep in mind that while we love protecting our homes from intruders using advanced technology, nothing will completely eliminate risk from entering or exiting a building through a door.

Which digital lock is the best?

One of the best features of a smart lock is that you can control it from your phone or tablet. However, there are a lot of smart locks out there and it’s not always easy to choose between them. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying one.

(Samsung models DR717, DP609 and Luxus Atlas locks have the IoT wifi feature so that you can control your door lock remotely using your smartphone)

If you stay in a HDB flat, do you have an existing deadbolt on your door? If you don’t have one, you can just get a brand-new one installed. Some digital locks in the market are single bolt mortises, which is the same as the traditional door lock.

Hence, these digital locks do not really enhance security, but merely provide the convenience of going keyless. Currently, there are digital locks in the market that are double bolt or triple bolt mortise. So make sure to find out the specs that are most suitable for your preferred level of security.

(Both Samsung locks and Luxus locks come with double/triple bolt mortises. Making you feel secure in your own home is priceless)

Bluetooth Locks

One option that provides convenient access control while also ensuring tight security are digital locks with Bluetooth capability. Samsung’s SHP-DP739 Premium Bluetooth Push Pull Digital Door Lock uses Bluetooth technology, which pairs with your phone wirelessly via an app. Now you can open your door remotely as long as your phone pairs with your lock via Bluetooth!

WiFi Locks

To go a step further, you can even unlock your door and let guests in remotely from anywhere if the digital lock has smart wifi capabilities! This also means that if you lock yourself out of your home or lose your key, you can still open your door!

Both Samsung and Luxus offer models that have IoT smart wifi features so that you can control your door lock even when you are not at home. These locks are particularly useful if you want to automate your home for convenience while limiting the access that strangers receive — such as a tutor or a cleaner. Allowing guests into your home without handing over a physical key makes them feel more comfortable about coming over, too! 

Do think about whether your family can get used to using a PIN code relatively easily, or remember it for that matter! Besides choosing a high level of protection, also pick something that fits right into the type of technology that they already know. Most digital locks come with mechanical keys which are suitable for older folks who are living in your home. 

Are digital locks safe?

Smart locks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology can be hacked. This isn’t a matter of if, but when. So be sure to buy from a reputable brand and go with a lock that uses physical keys as well.

(Samsung has been engaging in home security technology R&D for more than 20 years and has won numerous German industrial design awards for their smart locks)

And don’t think that you can’t get hacked just because you live in a condo. It is always best to go with a smart lock made by a top manufacturer, even if it means paying more up front. 

If you’re planning on using your smart lock with an iPhone or Android device, ensure that its app includes a security audit function. If it doesn’t, consider another brand. The same goes if it only uses Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi. You could get locked out of your home if someone hacks into your phone and changes your digital key.

(Samsung locks come with password protection; in the event that your phone is stolen, you can delete your passwords and set a new one through the smartphone app)

Having a long-range digital lock means that you can open and close your door from anywhere in the world. It also frees you from worrying about whether you remembered to lock your door. However, having no physical connection between your lock and its outside mechanism means there’s nothing stopping an intruder from breaking it off your door if they’re willing to do some damage. (This risk goes away if you use a smart deadbolt.)

Can I install a digital lock myself?

Today’s digital locks are very easy to install. Most manufacturers will provide simple-to-follow instructions and some even come with pre-drilled holes so you can fit them easily. However, if you’re unsure of your DIY skills, you can always get a qualified professional to do it.

Not only will they have all of the required tools but they also have an understanding of how they work and how to connect everything up correctly. They might also be able to help troubleshoot any issues with installation before they happen! 

Another factor is the number of holes and bolts associated with the digital lock you choose. Nowadays there are double bolt and triple bolt mortises, which are more complicated to install.

When in doubt, always take a picture of your door and get the advice of a professional installer. Sometimes, metal handle bars on your door will need to be moved as well.

What other considerations are there when choosing a digital lock?

One of your main concerns with a digital lock should be how difficult it will be to install. Not only do you need professional installation, but you also want one that’s going to last a long time. Most smart locks on the market right now are fairly simple to install as long as you have access from both sides of your door and have basic home security skills, but some models might require more work than others. 

The next thing you’ll want to consider is how secure it will be. Most modern digital locks are very safe, so whether you go with a $100 model or a $1000 one, you should be getting strong security features. But some options offer additional layers of protection like fingerprint scanning, pin codes, and even cameras that can alert you if there’s an intruder.

The final thing you’ll want to look at when choosing a digital lock is its compatibility with other smart home products. The more you can integrate it with, the easier it will be to add on new devices in the future. For example, you might want a lock that works with your voice assistant if you already have one installed. Or maybe you want something that also unlocks your door when your phone senses that you’re close by.

It’s also important to think about aesthetics. Some digital locks are much sleeker than others. And while they will all offer you solid security, some just look better than others. Your lock needs to blend in with your home decor if it’s going to work well for you. So keep that in mind when choosing a smart lock.

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