Integrity-based sales, no inflated promises & dependable after-sales support.

We source and purchase our good mostly from tried-and-tested international markets with a much larger economy of scale. By cutting out costlier local wholesalers, we are able to pass on the discounts to you.

Choosing a product that is the best fit for you will ensure the enjoyment (safety & security) a digital lock brings; So please feel free to drop us an email or a text to arrange for a complimentary phone consultation for our recommendation on the most suitable lock model for your lifestyle

• Improved security
• No more having to remember keys
• No need to find a secret hiding spot for you emergency key either
• Copies of keys can never be made without your permission
• Models with remote access allows you to unlock the door without being physically • present

• A higher one-off cost compared to a traditional locket.

On the day of the appointment, our lock specialist will first take precise measurements needed for the installation work. The actual installation time may vary but it is typically completed within 1.5hr. At the end of the installation process, out lock specialist will assist the homeowner with the initial configuration of the system, including setting up of passcodes/thumbprints if needed. A clear demonstration on how to operate the lock will also be provided.

By email, WhatsApp or during your phone consultation with us!

PayNow, Master, Visa, Cash. 6 or 12 month installment plans are also available.