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“With features like the Double Bolt Mortise, Security Intrusion Prevention, the all-new Luxus Atlas is built for unparalleled security.”

Top 3 Best Digital Lock | Best in Singapore

“You get the best of all worlds – functionality, looks, and dependability, all at a good price point. Perfect for modern minimalist homes!”

Top 3 Best Digital Lock | The Wedding vow

“This digital lock features an ultra-slender body that stands out as one of the slimmest and most streamlined designs on the market.”

Top 3 Best Digital Lock | SBO (Singapore Business Owners)

“LUXUS Digital’s ATLAS Smart lock not only takes security to a whole new level, but is known as one of the slimmest smart locks in the market.”

Top 3 Best Digital Lock | District Sixty Five

Understated Luxury

Luxus Transforms the Way You Live

Impeccable Sensors

Unlock Your Door in 0.3 Seconds

Powered by top-of-the-line programming, unlock your door at a lightning-fast speed of 0.3 seconds.

Experience the ultimate convenience as Luxus’s 3D fingerprint scanner will get faster over time through frequent use.

Modern Lifestyle

Smart Locks that Can Hear & See

Luxus helps you onboard the new standard of living and security with advanced integrations:

Precise Installation

Workmanship You Can Trust

Here at Luxus, we heavily emphasise precise installation as misalignments will cause your door to jam, deeming your digital lock useless.

Rest assured as our team of installation specialists with over 5 years of experience are ready to serve you.

We put you first

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Over 2,500+ Homes and Offices Installed

Free delivery & installation

Our Modern-day Security Solutions

(14) $790.00
(15) $290.00$320.00

Door Closer & Slide Arm

Luxus Door Closer and Slide Arm

A Constant Peace Of Mind

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